The views and experiences of young people on issues including tackling homelessness, reducing crime and improving mental health services will be put at the heart of decision-making in Hackney after the Council committed to listening to the recommendations of a new report co-produced by the borough’s young residents.

Between March and December 2019, the independent Hackney Young Futures Commission, led by young people alongside the Council and community organisations, spoke with more than 2,500 residents aged between 10-25 to hear their views on living in Hackney and how the borough can be improved for young people.

The report, which was presented to Cabinet on Monday features insights and direct quotations from young people about their lived experience of living, working and studying in the borough. 

It also features 21 ‘asks’ for change and 72 ‘hows’ to implement solutions that have been co-produced with young people and adults. 

The consultation consisted of the following four key questions which were devised by young people: 

  • What is your favourite thing or place in Hackney and why?
  • What is the main issue affecting your life in Hackney today and how does this issue affect you?
  • If you were the Mayor, what would be the main thing you would change for young people in Hackney? What would you do and how would you change it?
  • Any Other Comments?

Key insights emerging from the report include:

  • Building a secure future, including reducing homelessness and improving the quality of housing for young people
  • A review of Young People’s Mental Health Services
  • An Inclusive Future, whereby Young People are involved in the Regeneration of the Borough
  • Reducing the impact of the Fear of Crime on Young People.

The Hackney Young Futures Commission was funded by, but set up to be independent of, the Council. 

The Commission has worked closely with young people themselves, community representatives, academic partners and those from the voluntary sector and councillors.

Phase two of the commission will launch in October 2020, which will include detailed plans and timetables for delivery of Asks and agreed priorities. Phase three which will be the implementation of of delivery, followed by phase four which will include a final report and assessment, 

If you’d like to get involved in the future phases of the Hackney Young Futures Commission please contact:

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