Following the largest ever consultation with young people in Hackney, the views of over 2,500 young people have been published in a report by the Hackney Young Futures Commission. 

Since launching in January 2019, the Commission has consulted with thousands of young people aged 10-25. The Commission issued its final findings at an online event on Saturday 14 November.

The event was attended by Diane Abbott MP, the Mayor and Deputy Mayor of Hackney and featured a live performance from aspiring young poet Angel Reid.

The Commission was set up to listen and learn from young people’s experiences of growing up in Hackney and to make recommendations to the Council and other organisations to improve the lives and opportunities of young people in the community.

Over the last year the chairs and vice chairs of the Commission have: worked with young people through focus groups tailored by age; used a variety of online surveys and questionnaires to gather accurate data; spoken to over 400 young people through street based engagement; and hosted a series of events with over 1,000 attendees. 

These methods of engagement have allowed the Commission to connect with children and young people across the borough, documenting their uncensored experiences of living, studying and working in Hackney.

Key recommendations from young people in the report include their wish to reduce homelessness and improve the quality of housing among their peers, a full review into young people’s mental health services and their desire to reduce the impact of the fear of crime on young people.

Featuring 21 ‘asks’ for change and 72 ‘hows’ to bring about these changes, the Valuing the Future Through Young Voices Report was initially presented to Cabinet earlier this year, and has now been published publicly.

The next phase of their work will see them work with the Council, local organisations and young people to deliver and implement the findings highlighted in the report. 

The Hackney Young Futures Commission was funded by, but set up to be independent of, the Council. 

The Commission has worked closely with young people themselves, community representatives, academic partners, the voluntary sector and councillors.

If you’d like to get involved in the next phase of the Hackney Young Futures Commission please contact: or visit 

To read the report: 

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